The Rebuild – updates

Lambeage Hall Funding Award:
The hall committee are very pleased to announce that Lambeage Hall has been awarded a grant offer of £ 4,500.00 by the “Big Lottery Fund,” as aid to enable the hall to employ the services of Cornwall Rural Community Charity (CRCC), who are experienced in the establishment of the “needs” of rural communities and in the preparation of further funding applications.

The hall has now been notified that large lottery grants for the replacement of village halls are unlikely to be successful in the future, as the demand on lottery funding for similar projects has become too numerous to be viable to service all requests. Lambeage Hall has, therefore, to consider an alternative strategy. It is now proposed to refurbish and extend the hall, over a number of years, and to seek smaller, external funding assistance applications in order to be more successful and to, hopefully, provide to hall users a progressive improvement in the hall’s facilities.

CRCC  involvement is a first step in this new strategy, which we hope will enable us to see changes and improvements over the next few years. This lottery award is as a result of the efforts of Tim Hawkins, supported by the Funding Team, who worked very hard to prepare the application and provide the necessary information in order to achieve this success. The Hall Committee is very grateful for Tim’s efforts.

The Hall Committee continues to secure funding and income through regular hall users, as well as summer events. Recent improvements to the hall include an improved sound system, as well as a “hearing loop” system. A programme of upgrading the seating is currently being developed, as well as the continuing work of seeking funding for larger refurbishment projects to the hall.

John Gentle – Committee Secretary



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Updated  model of the intended new hall

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Latest model of the intended new hall

Latest model of the intended new hall


Building Regulations Drawings / Plans for New Hall

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Building Regulations drawing of planned hall

Building Regulations drawing of planned hall



 In 2013 planning permission was  granted for the demolition of the current hall and the building of a new hall!  Click here  for details.

Click on the following link to see The Design and Access Statement that was submitted and for which Planning approval has been granted 

The Management Committee of Lambeage hall, supported by the residents of Coverack, have decided that, due to its age, Lambeage Hall  should be replaced by a modern purpose-designed hall. To this end, applications for grants have been made and finances for architectural designs and planning permission are already under way.

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A grant equalling 80% of £15,000 has been granted by the West Cornwall Local Action Group for the architectural design of a new hall and submission for planning permission. The other 20% is being provided by the Lambeage Hall funds and generous local donors.

The grant is part financed  by the European Agricultural Fund for European Development 2007 – 2013: Europe investing in rural areas being delivered through the Local Action for Rural Communities Programme by the West Cornwall Local Action Group on behalf of the South West of England Regional Development Agency with Defra as the managing agency.