Booking Fees
Morning 08:00 to 13:00 £20
Afternoon 13:00 to 18:00 £20
Evening 18:00 to Midnight £40
All Day   £80







Rates for regular weekly use can be reduced by negotiation.

Fully equipped modern kitchen with cutlery & crockery

Please click below for conditions of hiring and necessary form

Please note, there is an additional refundable charge of £50 to be paid in advance to cover the cost of any breakages or extra cleaning incurred


Hall Hire Agreement plus Conditions & Rules


To make a booking during 2018,  please contact: Mr Jonathan Nias at Jubilee House, Coverack.

Phone 01326 280335.


To make a booking during 2019,  please contact Sue Martin at Little Trevothan Caravan Park, Coverack

Tel: 01326 280260


*For other enquiries please see ‘Contact us’ page and send your enquiry to the email address shown.